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1st Conference: Constructing a common vision about the characteristics of global order

The debaters were  Yildiz Temürtükan (Turkey), Jean Enriquez (Phillipines), Priya Johnson (United States) and Bernadete Monteiro (Brasil), by Bushra Khalis (Pakistan). The proposed reflection was about how  the control, the conservatism and the antifeminism are constructed and expressed in the international conjuncture .

Yildiz said that what is being called “right-wing populism” is actually fascism, that has been reorganized in the international context  She also affirmed that the antifeminism is a central element in the regimes of the new neoliberal order.

To Jean, “neoliberalism is an authoritarian project t for the poor ones”. One of the tools used by the system is the war against drugs. She said we can’t lose  sight of the radical perspectives of feminism, and that defending democracy can’t be dissociated from the struggle to change this model based on greed and the precariousness of women’s lives.

Priya, when when reflecting on the North American conjuncture, reminded us that the agenda today represented by Trump has deep and old roots in USA’s history, and is based on the genocide of the indigenous peoples. Priya also criticized the militarization of life, the incarceration of black population, the criminalization of  social movements, the xenophobia and the monopolization of the media. As one of the possible solutions, Priya called the construction of solidarity between borders.

Bernadete pointed out approaches and specificities of the Brazilian context, recalling the rise of the national right-wing after 2010, which is related to the prolongation of the international crisis of 2008,If, in other times, neoliberalismo relied on the defense of democracy, today it ignores it. Bernadete also reminded of the place of Latin America in this international configuration. The continent is under attack and its strategic to the new order of capital accumulation.

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